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Custom Photo Shoots Information

Custom & Exclusive Book Cover Shoots 


I’m a photographer with a thirst for literature who has finally decided to put her two passions together and create beautiful book covers, showcasing your work and vision.  

I want to bring your stories to life and grab the attention of your readers!

I strive for fresh ideas in my photos, and with a custom shoot we will find models who fit your character descriptions and your vision for the story. Props, scenes, and poses tailored to your book or series.

Custom shoots starting at $650. Pricing depends on models, props/costumes selected for the photo shoot. Please email me for a custom quote.

​You are welcome on set if you are able to attend! We are located in Murfreesboro TN. 

Each Custom shoot comes with a photo for your book cover, exclusive rights to it, and 5 additional photos of the couple from the same photo shoot to use in promotional materials, such as teasers/banners.


- Model Rates - ranging from $50-300 per shoot. (excluding travel fees) I try my best to find local models to avoid travel fees and pass the savings on to you.

- Make up Artist/Hair - ranging from $50-250 (depending on the complexity of the look, i.e. costume/special effects makeup cost more)

- Custom video book trailer - ranging from $300-500 

- Studio fees - $50/per hour (with a min of 2 hours billed)

- Props and Costumes (Of course this varies depending on what is needed for the shoot/ if it is available at the studio already there will be no extra charge)

- Mass Market Exclusive Image Licence - included in your custom shoot ($350 value)  

 (50% Deposit is required at booking a custom shoot, the remaining balance is due before photos are delivered, payment plans can be made.)

What do I need to provide when ordering an Exclusive/Custom shoot? 

Please e-mail with the following information:


1.) Detailed description of the model(s) you want featured on your book cover, such as build, hair color, height, etc. Attach an Arc of the book, if available. (not necessary but helpful)

2.) Several examples of models with a similar look from an outside source or from my model database gallery. (Model Database)

3.) Detailed description of the pose(s) of the model(s) to be featured. (A proof gallery of the shoot will be provided to you for a selection of your image(s)) 

4.) Several pictures similar in nature to the pose you want either from an outside source or from my model database gallery.   

5.) Detailed description of the clothing to be worn by the model(s), including the type of footwear and accessories. Your requirements for hair and make-up, preferably with pictures.

6.) Several picture references of the attire(s) to be worn by the model(s). Our wardrobe stylists will strive to achieve a similar look when selecting the clothing for your custom shoot. If you require something specific and our warehouse doesn't have it in stock, we will try our best to get it for you at an extra charge. If you wish to provide your own costume(s), you are welcome to do so. 

7.) Description of an ideal location for the photo shoot. (i.e. outside or in the studio)

8.) Description of the facial expressions and/or emotions you would like the model(s) to achieve, with visual references, if possible.

9.) Any additional requirements or instructions you might have for our Creative Team. 


** For information on custom shoots for book series, please contact  tayloralexanderphotog

​** Payment Plans are available for custom shoots, please contact 


*** I love supporting authors, designers and publishers that use my work, so please send a finished copy of the cover or premades to Taylor Alexander Photography so she can display them on her pages as well (she will display them on all her social media platforms for more exposure). If you have a sale link please send that as well and she will add that to the caption  -

*** Taylor Alexander Photography would like to get a signed copy of the book for herself and model/models on the covers

*** We also appreciate any mention on your social media pages or in the credits for the cover inside the book for the Book Cover Art ~ Taylor Alexander Photography 

Thanks so much!!

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