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~ Graphic Artist, Designers and Authors,  Please send a finished copy or premades to Taylor Alexander Photography so she can display them on her pages as well.  If you have a sale link please send that in the email as well to -

~ Taylor Alexander Photography would like to get a signed copy of the book for herself and model/models on the covers 

~ We also appreciate a mention in the credits for the cover for the Book Cover Art ~ Taylor Alexander Photography

Thanks so much!! 




1.  How do I purchase your images?

When you click on an image within our galleries, there is a blue '$ Buy RF License' button, click the button to see the price / license options then add the image to your cart.  (If you aren't sure which license works for you check out the License explained tab or feel free to message me.)


2. How does delivery work?

After you place your order, Taylor Alexander Photography will edit that photo (fix lighting, Coloring, Fixing background, blemish removal, and other small editing) before sending to you in high quality format. Orders are handled manually on-site, so please allow up to 6-24 hours for your email confirming your purchase (it will usually be a LOT faster than that!) - If you don't want me to perform any editing, please feel free to message me and let me know when you place your order. 


2.  What if I like a couple but don't want the tattoos? 

I do have an editor who can do these edits they charge an additional $10-$20 to do major edits (depending on size and how many tattoos they are).


3. What if I need a different hair color? 

Most hair colors can be changed for additional editing fee usually $5. (Please message with questions)


4.  Can I change faces or bodies on images? 

Of course you are allowed to alter the images after purchase.  The models sign a likeness clause in their contracts. 


5. Can I upgrade my License (if I choose to sell products / reach a mass market audience)  later down the line?

Most certainly!! send us a message via our CONTACT PAGE, and we'll arrange an invoice for the upgrade fee.


6. Do you pay your models?  

Yes absolutely, all models are paid either in TFP or Commission based (this is the individual model’s choice) their usual pay scale is $2.50-$5 per stock or $10-$25 per exclusive, per model, it is in most cases this is 10% of the sale. The remaining balance is spent on studio space rental, makeup artist, and, of course paying the photographer. 


7. Do you offer a VIP Program for designers?

 If there is enough interest, I will investigate setting up a VIP program.


8.  Do you partner with designers for premades?

Yes absolutely, I have been doing since I started and I love to work with designers. The partnership works this way; the graphic designer picks the picture or pictures they want to use,  the price for the pre-mades is agreed upon and once we have an agreement and a sale has been made, we deduct the models fees and split the remainder profit from the sale. This amount is then paid to me via PayPal. If you have any questions about partnering, please email me.


9. Do you offer Discounts for those buying several images? 

Yes, If you want to buy several images, I offer discounted rates. If buying 5 or more, please message me for your coupon code. 


 My question hasn't been answered here, how can I get in touch?

Please drop us a line via our CONTACT PAGE, and we'll be in touch to answer your questions.

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